youtube shorts monetization rules 2023 [ Youtube policy ]

Let's Talk About YouTube Shorts, Where You Can Earn Money for Your Shorts Without Joining the YouTube Partner Program. I'll Walk You Through What a Shorts Fund Is, Who's Eligible and How the Payout Works, So Let's Find Out.

First, What Is Short Term? Short Term Is a $100 Million Fund That Will Be Distributed to Eligible Creators During 2022 and 2023. Every Month You Can Earn a Small Bonus of Up to Us$110,000 from the Fund, with an Amount Adjusted Based on Performance Metrics Like Yours. Monthly Short Views of the Channel, and Where Your Audience Is Located. You Can Get a Miniature Bonus from Creators Who Create Original Miniatures on YouTube and Get a Bonus, Even Creators Who Aren't in the Youtube Partner Program. Will Reach Thousands of Creators Every Month Based on the Short Performance of Their Channel in the Last Month. All Your Short Videos Will Be Counted in Your Short Exposure.

Every Month They Received Us, Not Just the Month They Were Posted, and Entitlements Are Refreshed Every Month. So Even If You Don't Qualify for One Month, You Can Qualify the Next Month, So Keep Creating New Short Content, We Review Them Before Notifying Each Channel About Their Short Bonus. So Here Are Some Requirements to Keep in Mind: Your Channel Must Have Uploaded an Original Short to YouTube in the Last 180 Days, Your Content Must Comply with Our Community Guidelines, Copyright and Monetization Policies, Channels Uploading Content with Watermarks or Logos Must, and Third Party Social Media Platforms Will Not Be Eligible. Any Non-Original Content We Uploaded, Such as Properly Edited Clips from Movies or TV Shows, Will Also Not Be Counted. You Must Be in an Eligible Country, and You Wish to Be Over the Minimum Age Required to Manage Your Own Google Account And, If Necessary, Obtain the Permission of Your Parent or Legal Guardian. Now let's See What Happens If You Are Eligible. First, You Have to Claim Your Shorts Bonus. If You Are Eligible for a Small Bonus, You Will Receive an Email and a Notification from YouTube Around the 8th to 10th of the Month Asking You to Claim Your Bonus. This Is Extremely Important, Because If You Do Not Claim Your Bonus by the Twenty-Fifth of the Month, It Will Expire, and Keep in Mind That You Will Be Forced to Claim Your Source Bonus Every Month. To Be Eligible to Claim the Bonus, You Will Have to Complete the Two Steps, Except the Conditions and Link an Active AdSense Account to Your Channel. If You Already Have a Degree AdSense Account Associated with Your YouTube Channel. Once You Have Agreed to the Terms, You Are Ready, and Your Bonus Can Be Formally Claimed. If You Do Not Have a Leftover AdSense Account, You Will Be Asked to Link an Existing Account, or to create a New One. Email or YouTube Notification May Lead You in This Manner. It May Take a Few Days for an AdSense Account to Be Linked to Your Channel, but Once It's done, We'll Send You an Email Confirming Whether Your Bonus Has Been Claimed. Once Your Small Bonus Is Claimed, How Do You Get Paid? If You Have Been Paid by AdSense Before the Date, You Expect to Receive Your Payment Between the 21st and 25th of the Following. For Example, If You Claim the Shorts Bonus in August, You Should Have Received Your Bonus Payment in September. If You Have Never Received Payment from AdSense Before, You Will Need to Complete Your Payment Details. Note That This Process May Take Several Months, but as Long as You Have Claimed the Bonus, the Balance Will Remain in Your AdSense Account Until the Payment Can Be Released. Once Your AdSense Account Is Fully Ready to Receive Payment, You Will Be Paid Between the Twenty-First and Therefore the Twenty-Sixth of the Month. If You Are Part of an MC N or Network, You Will Receive Your Small Bonus Payments from Your MC, or Network, let's Recap the Short Bonus Payment Timeline with an Example. Assuming You Are Eligible for a Bonus Based on Your August Shorts Performance, You Will Be Notified in Early September to Claim Your Bonus by 25 September. After Completing the Steps to Claim Your Bonus, Wait for the Payment from AdSense. If You Are Ready to Receive Payment, Expect to Receive Your Payment Between the 21st and Therefore the Twenty-Sixth of the Month After the Bonus Is Claimed. In This Case, You Claim the Bonus in September. So You Will Be Paid in October. If You Need to Set Up Payment Details in AdSense, You Will Receive Payment. Once These Steps Are Completed. And remember, This Process Will Be Repeated Every Month. YouTube Short Span Is the First Step in Our Journey to Help Creators Earn Money for Their Short, So Stay Tuned for More Updates as We Add Additional Countries and Features. And for More Information on What We've covered, Check Out the Link in the Description.

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