How to Grow Youtube Channel Like sourav joshi vlogs | Sourav Joshi Vlogs Grow Tips

How to Grow Youtube Channel Like sourav joshi vlogs | Sourav Joshi Vlogs Grow Tips 

In 2023 every person on youtube wants to be successful and he uploads videos everyday in this thinking, but his videos do not get views nor subscribe to his channel,

What is the reason due to which views do not come on his channel,

There are some things that we do not pay attention to while making and uploading youtube videos, due to which views do not come on our channel, so today you will get to see some of the same points in this post, which you always make mistakes. 

1. Creating Videos

You are making a video on any topic, you have complete knowledge of that topic, you have done PHD in that topic, yet the views on the video of that topic do not come, that is, video between 100 to 500 views. If it stops, then where did you make a mistake, if you come to know about it, then your video will have millions of views, Let us understand this by example, India's number one blogger has understood from the channel of sourav joshi vlogs, Sourav joshi is a video uploader on his channel everyday, his video comes every day at exactly 8 in the morning, Sourav regularly uploads videos on his channel, whose farda he gets i.e. 4 million to 5 million views of sourav joshi comes every day. So, you can understand what is the benefit of uploading videos everyday,

sourav joshi vlogs

To you also upload videos at one time every day, which will also bring views on your channel,

2. Funny Clips

Whenever you are making a video, you can use some funny jokes, shayari, poetry, story in the beginning, this will always benefit you, to understand this properly we are once again with sourav joshi vlogs. Let's check the channel, Sourav joshi vlogs has funny joke work Piyush joshi karta, due to which Audience makes his video look complete, you can also use this point, you can also do something different in your video. think about,

3. Video time

Har youtuber is the only mistake karta that he does not know how to keep his time properly, that is, his 1st video is of 10 minutes and the second video is of 3 minutes, all youtubers make the same mistake, you always go with the same time i.e. 4 Make a video of one minute, or make a video of 10 minutes, this will rank your channel correctly, for example, we take sourav joshi vlogs channel only, the video of Sourav joshi is from 8 minutes to 11 minutes, more like It is only around 10 minutes i.e. it is difficult to make a long video but it is also beneficial, then you should make a video of maximum 7 minutes to 10 minutes,

4. Video End

While ending the video, the last 2 videos should be on that topic, select it and put it with the end screen, that is, on the topic on which people are watching your video, you can put the video of that topic or its similar topic in the end screen. Well, let us understand this thing with an example, there is a youtube channel named Algrow,

sourav joshi vlogs

Wo karta hai at the end of every video that video which he was watching as well i.e. next part of his video or similar video, due to this he has got a lot of viwes, and also subscribe, to also in his video keep using the end screen,

5. Audience Join

Initially, if you keep your audience connected with youtube on social media like Facebook / Instagram / twitter /telegram, then you will always benefit, because whenever you have to share kuch on your social media, then the people who share with you. Watch the video, they will be associated with you forever, you will always have the benefit of this,

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