Cashvib Payment Proof | Cashvib Real & Fake

Today I am going to share with you such a website, through which you can earn from 400 to ₹ 500 by working 5 to 10 minutes a day, working in this website is very easy and you will get its payment in your bank account immediately. Will go If you invite any user inside this website then you will also get some bonus amount, inside this website you can also work from mobile phone, without investment you can run inside this website for free. can generate them through this website, let me now tell you what that website is, [ Cashvib ] 

Cashvib ?

join link : click and join cashVib website

You can earn Rs 400 to Rs 500 for free from Cashvibe website and you do not have to invest any kind of money in this website and you can earn Rs 300 by working 4 to 5 minutes every day. You can earn 60000 every month from this website, inside this website you are given money to watch some ads, inside this website you can also invite your friends and earn more money,

How to use Cashvib ?

First of all you have to click on the link of this website, after that you have to create your account, to create an account type the following message,
  • Click the link,
  • your real name dear
  • Enter your date of birth
  • Enter one of your email id,
  • Enter one of your passwords,
  • After feeding all this information, your account will be created, after the account is created, you will get 10 dollars as bonus which you can also vitor,

Cashvib Task Complete

Now let me tell you how to do it inside this website,
  1. First click on your desktop
  2. You will get to see some tasks, you will find complete written below the task, click on it,
  3. On clicking complete, a timer of 30 to 40 seconds will run in front of you until the timer is completed, from there you do not need to go.
  4. As soon as the timer is completed, you will only get the button, by clicking on it you have to come back to your home i.e. desktop,
  5. Similarly, you have to complete all the tasks, on completing each transfer, you are going to earn zero point $0.30 or $0.54.

Cashvib Invite Friends

Learn how to invite your friends inside cashvib,
First you have to click on invite,
After that you will get a link there, click or copy that link and send it to all your friends on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp,
As soon as your friends click on that link, you will earn $1.

Cashvib Payment Transfer

To transfer money, complete the following steps,
If you have more than 100 dollars in your account then you click on the button of Withdrawal,
Enter your email and PayPal account information, and select your amount, click on the Withdrawal button,
After some time your money will come in your paypal account.

Cashvib Payment Proof

To watch the payment proof of Cash App website click on the youtube video below and watch the full video, watching the payment proof will be shown live in front of you so that you will be sure that this website is giving money.

Cashvib Real and Fake

Which is real or fake, I want to answer you this question, if you have read this post completely and watched the full YouTube video, then you will get the answer of all your questions because this website is giving money at the moment. So right now this website is not fake, if you want to try, then watch the video and if you want to join then you can also join by clicking on the link,
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