Passive Income Ideas 2023 : Passive Income ideas [ Passive Income Strategies ]

 In the coming 5 minutes, you will learn about earning passive income in this post.

Passive Income Ides 2022 : Passive Income ideas [ Passive Income Strategies ]

What is Passive Income?

Passive income, who doesn't know what it is, I would like to state that, passive income means that once you quit after working, you get money for that work for the coming few months, money is up and down but you get an amount from it every month,

There are many platforms to earn passive income, but you can earn a decent passive income using this method, once working you can comfortably work up to Rs 10,000 per month.

There is no need to work hard to earn passive income, you have to work with your mind, with a new idea you can earn money from passive income, for this passive income you have to give yourself some time, a new idea to think in,

Create Course [ Passive Income ]

If you want to earn from 15,000 to 50000 per month with passive income, then you can make a course, by creating a course, you can earn up to 1 lakh per month, there is nothing easier than this to earn passive income, course By creating you can earn money for the coming 5 to 6 years, in this, you have to create the course once, after that you will be profitable only.

Passive Income: 3 Courses Build a Free

1. Video Course

2. Audio Course

3. Books

You can create a court with 3 formats, in which you can earn money from passive income by doing video courses, audio courses, and book writing,

The demand for courses is very high, and there is a lot of money in them, there is a lot of demand for courses in video format, audio format, and book, then you can make one of three courses,

Video Course

It is easy to earn passive income from video courses because their demand is very high, you can search on any online platform, and you will find all types of courses, there is a lot of demand for online and offline courses, and you can do videos passively. income course. You can create it, in this you have to work hard only once, then you can upload that course on online platforms like skillshare, udemy, youtube, Facebook, etc.

There are two types of free courses online, free and paid.

Paid courses are uploaded on online websites, to view courses on websites like Skillshare, and Udemy, you have to buy first, after that you will get the benefit of the course,

Free courses are uploaded on websites like YouTube, and Facebook, from where you can enjoy the course for free, in this Google gives you money, and anyone can watch the course that too for free,

If anyone buys the course on skillshare, udemy, then you get paid, you can publish the course for free on both these platforms, you do not have to pay for uploading the course,

If anyone buys your course skillshare then you will get 50% income, 50% income skillshare will keep with you, and if someone use your promo code then you will get 97% income, 3% income skillshare you hold,

You can upload and publish on udemy for free, if you buy any of your courses in this, you get paid according to one minute, you get money for 1 minute,

Audio Course

The demand for audio courses is very high, you can make courses in the form of audio and sell them on online platforms, a platform like Kuku FM is the best example, all the courses on the Kuku FM platform are in audio format, so learn something from it and make your own Create courses, and upload that course to kuku fm, and earn passive income, you get paid according to how many minutes your audio is listened to in kuku FM,

You can create any type of course in the audio course, you can create many courses like the story, and learning courses for children, and you can earn money by uploading them,


To earn passive income, you can write a book, you can earn Rs 15000 to Rs 30000 a month by writing a book and publishing it in the online platform and offline market, in this you will have to work hard once and after that, you can earn money every month,

Book type

1. e-book

2. book

The E-book is easy to create and it is also easy to sell online, you can sell an ebook on many marketplaces, and you do not have to pay any kind of fee to upload and publish on the marketplace, in your total income They keep some of the money with them, transfer the rest to your bank account,

You can sell your ebook on amazon marketplaces and Flipkart marketplaces,

The number of people reading books is huge, and it will take a lot of hard work, it would have been very difficult to write a book on a good topic and publish it offline, but with which company you can publish your book, the company is your earnings, out of the earnings Some part will be kept with you, you will have to pay some fee to publish your book,

There is no shortage of people to read a good book, so try to write a good book, then it will be useful to the people.