Givvy social App Payment Proof | Givvy Social App Real OR Fake Review

Like Facebook and Instagram, a new platform has come on Google Play Store, on which you can earn money by uploading your photo, on this platform you can upload your photo and the number of likes and comments will come on your photo and Floor will come on your page, you will get money, you can transfer money inside your bank account, within few minutes you will receive payment inside your bank account,

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The name of this app is Givvyi social app, you can also download this app from google play store, the link is given below, by clicking on it you can directly go to google play store and download this application, Inside this application you can earn money by uploading any photo and how you can transfer money inside your bank account, where is the application and how to use it, all the details are given to you in the article below, you were giving them and read carefully,

Givvy Social App 

Givvy social app is the perfect application to earn money, through this application you can also make money by liking photos and uploading photos or photos of all your friends also you can end money with this function run it Very simple application, once you download the application and try it, you will get 100% payment, that too within 3 to 4 minutes,

Givvy social app you can use facebook application like we chat with our friends on facebook and like their photo and upload your photo just like i thought you like your photo and like photos of your friends, the only difference is that the givvy social app pays for everything you do, even if you chat with your friend, you will still get paid and you can share with your friends You will get paid even if you like the photo, even if you upload your own photo, the Givvy social app will pay you.

How to Use Givvy Social App ? 

To use the Givvy social app, first you have to download the application, the link of which is given below from the Play Store.

  1. After downloading, first you have to open the application,
  1. After that you have to login or sign in with your email id or facebook id,
  1. Your account will be created as soon as you sign up, log in.
  1. then you will get 1000 point bonus,
  1. Standing on Profile, you can edit your profile as you wish,

How to Upload Photos on Givvy Social App ?

To upload a photo on the Givvy Social App, first you have to click on the profile, there you will get the plus icon, you have to click on it, then an advertisement will appear in front of you, after seeing that tree completely, two options in front of you Come on One of which you have to choose, one option you will get camera and second option you will get gallery, if you want to upload photo by clicking then click on camera if you have photo in mobile and you upload it. If you want to do this then click on gallery one then by clicking on one of the two options, you have to select your photo and crop it and upload it, before upload you have to enter its details ie title And below you have to enter four tags. Must enter [Example: #viral, #trends, #photos, #India, ]

How to Earn Coins in Givvy Social App ?

To make coins inside Givvy social app, you have to upload your photo, with the help of which you can turn coins, that is on uploading photo there will be comments on your photo and people will share those photos more, then you will get more will get coins, Share link to Givvy social app to all your friends, with the help of which you will get 15000 coins, You chat with your friends so that you can get maximum coins, Like as many photos as possible and you get 50 coins for every like,

How to Convert Coins in Usd Dollar [ Givvy Social App ]

How you can convert your coins inside usd dollar in Givvy social app, first you have to click on coins, after clicking on that a new window or new screen will open in front of you on which you have to convert coins Will have to do you will get option, for 10,000 coins you will get 0.01 usd dollars, for 100000 points you will get 0.10 usd dollars, Converting Coins Inside USD Dollars is very easy in Givvy Social App, there you have to select it and click on Convert, within 1 second your coins will convert inside USD Dollars and into your Wallet.

How to Invite Friends in a Givvy Social App ?

You can earn more by inviting your friends to Givvy social app, you get 15000 points on invite screen and if that friend of yours regularly use give in social app then you will get 10000 ie total 25000 coins,
In givvy social app you got the option of invite, by clicking on it you can share the link to your friends on whatsapp and copy the link to all your friends on any platform, 

How to Transfer Payment in Givvy Social App ?

how you can transfer your payment to your bank Givvy social app first to transfer payment you have to click on withdrawal option in givvy social app after click on a new window or no screen in front of you Where you get the options of withdrawal, you get different options for withdrawal,


0.19 USD


0.19 USD


0.19 USD

Perfect Money

1.04 USD


1.04 USD


0.69 USD


1.04 USD


1.04 USD


1.04 USD

Givvy Social App Payment Proof

Givvy social app is real or fake, for that you have to watch the below video completely, inside this video you will get payment proof, how to transfer payment, how to convert coin to usd dollar, to make payment How long does it take, you will get the answer of all the questions in a video,