100% Approval for Navi Loan in 2023 - Here's How to Apply!

How to take loan from Navi Loan App or what are the details, eligibility, what is the interest rate, or many more in this post you will know, Navi Loan is a loan app from which you can take loan online, this app is on play store is available. You can buy loan types like Home Loan, Health Loan, Mutual Fund in Navi App, all charge different interest rates, 

It is very easy to take a loan in Navi Loan  App, within minutes the loan amount will be transferred to your bank account,

https://www.runningofficial.com/ does not endorse any loan website/app,

Navi Loan Details

Navi Loan App is an Indian App, the founder of this app is Sachin Bansal, Ankit Agarwal, Navi Loan  was started in December 2018, its head office is in Bangalore, Karnataka India, in Navi Loan App you will get Digital Loan, Home Loan, Mutual Fund , health loan, you can take loan from this app, you will find Navi Loan app on Google Play Store or App Store, the official website of  Navi Loan is called navi.com,

Navi Loan Eligibility

You must be eligible for the loan, Navi Loan eligibility is something like this,
1. Age- 18- 60 years
2. Income - Minimum Rs.15000/month
3. Credit Score - Must be above 750

Navi loan Process

What is the process of taking Navi Loan, it is something like this, you can take 3 times loan in Navi Loan App,

1. Personal Loan

To buy a personal loan from Navi Loan, you must first install the app from the Play Store, after installation, complete your account setup, it is necessary to complete KYC for account setup,
You can get a personal loan up to Rs.20 lakh, starting from 9.9% - 45% interest rate,
Personal Loan Features
  • Loan amount - Rs 20 lakh
  • Interest Rate - 9.9% - 45%
  • Loan Tenure - 3 Months to 72 Months
  • 100 online process
  • Instant money transfer to your bank,
  • Minimum income - Rs 3,00,000
How to Apply for Personal Loan [ Navi Loan ]
  • Download App for Google Play Store
  • Enter your details and informer to check eligibility
  • Enter loan amount and select tenure
  • Complete your Video KYC for PAN Card/Aadhaar Card
  • add your bank account

2. Home loan

With Navi Loan you can also take a home loan, with the Navi Loan app you can get a loan of Rs 5 crore at an interest rate of 8.74%,
Home loan Benefits
  • Loan amount - Rs 5 crore
  • Interest Rate - 8.74%
  • Loan Time - 30 Years
  • zero rupees fee
How to Apply for Home Loan in Navi App
  • Download App for Google Play Store
  • Enter your personal details
  • Full KYC, [Aadhar Card & PAN Card]
  • click on the financial button
  • Navi Home Loan is available in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi NCR and Pune.

3. Health Insurance

Health insurance can also be taken from the Navi app, in this case you can get a health loan of Rs 1 crore.
Health loan Benefits
  • Amount - Rs 1 crore
  • Premium starting from Rs 235/month
  • 100% Hospital Bill Payment
  • 100% without paper process
How to buy Navi Health Insurance?
  • Download the app for Google Play Store and App Store
  • click on health insurance
  • Upload all documents on Navi App
  • Avail cashless claims with Navi

4. Mutual Funds

  • In Navi Mutual Fund you will get Navi Nifty 50 Fund,
  • new mutual benefit
  • low ratio
  • Start investing Rs 10
How to Invest in Navi Mutual Fund?
  • Download App for Google Play Store
  • Choose a Mutual Fund
  • Complete KYC [Aadhar Card & PAN Card]
  • Choose SIP
  • Enter your investment amount and start investing

Navi loan Interest Rate

In Navi Loan you get different interest rate,
Personal Loan - 9.9% - 45%
Home Loan - 8.74%
Health Loan - Rs 235 per month

Navi Loan Reviews

Navi app has more than 10 million downloads on google play store, Many users are taking loan from this app, Navi app is an Indian app, Ankit Agarwal or Sachin Bansal is the owner of this, With Navi app you can get health, home loan, personal You can take loan, mutual funds, till now there is a fake app about Navi, it is not heard, the reviews of Navi app are good,

Navi loan Minimum Salary 

Navi Loan minimum salary is around Rs 20000, up to 750 credit score,

Navi Student Loan

Navi has also brought education loan for students, can give loan of 20 lakh rupees for education, can take from Navi, for which you will have to start interest of 9.9%,
How to Apply for Personal Loan for Education Loan in Navi App
  • download navi app
  • complete login process
  • Age - 18 - 65 Years
  • Location - India
  • Credit Score - 750+
  • Click on Navi Personal Loan for Student Loan from Navi App
  • Select the loan amount,
  • Complete KYC [Aadhar Card & PAN Card]
  • Transfer your money to your bank account

Navi Loan Login

To create an account in Navi loan app, you have to download Navi loan app from play store in your mobile phone, after download open Navi app, after opening enter email, mobile number, OTP, pincode, name please age , login by entering the address,
After login in Navi app you can take home loan, health loan, personal loan,

Navi Loan Application

You will find Navi Loan application on Google Play Store or App Store,

Navi Loan Customer Care Number

Navi One Customer Service
Loan - Help@navi.com
Insurance - Insurance.help@navi.com
Mutual Fund - mf@navi.com

Navi loan App Fake or Real

Navi app is fake or real, I give you the answer, Navi app has 10 million downloads on Google Play Store, or the brand ambassador of the app is MS Dhoni,


1. What is a Navi Loan ?
navi app ek indian loan application hai, jis se aap home loan, health loan, personal loan, le sakte hai,
2. is Navi Loan RBI Approved ? 
RBI Kabhi bhi Digital Apps ko Approve nahi karta hai, is liye navi RBI se Approved Nahi hai,
3. What Is the Current Interest Rate For Navi Loan ? 
Personal Loan - 9.9% - 45%
home Loan - 8.74%
health Loan - Rs 235 Month
4. What will Be the Emi For Navi Loan ?
Navi Loan ki EMI uske Loan Amount or time ke duraw hogi, 
5. Can A student Get Personal Loan From Navi Loan ?
yes, navi app se student loan bhi le sakte hai, navi se Education loan amount Rs 20 lakh tak hai,
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